China Landscape - Selections from the Taikang Collection 2019
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Location: Beijign
Design / Construction: 2019
Constrution Area: 3200 sqm
Design Team: Li Han / Hu Yan / Zhang Xintong / Wang Junkai
Photography: Wang Hongyue / Lu Wenhui

Held at the 798 Art District in Beijing from March 21 to May 5 2019, China Landscape: Selections from the Taikang Collection 2019 showcased more than 70 pieces of artworks made in various media by 55 artists from 3 generation and a range of important archives about art and society since the 1940s. As the architects for the space renovation and exhibition design, DAS added moderate new space elements while preserving some traces of time from the original architecture to fulfill the demand of exhibition functions, which strengthens the contrast between the old and new, creates the tension of the space and atmosphere, and inspires the visitors to think about the mutual influence between the history and reality, tradition and contemporary, art and politics when viewing such an art exhibition with the depth of time.