Xi Zhi Men
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Xi Zhi Men metro station is an interchange station for two metro lines in Beijing, which has the longest transfer distance in the Beijing metro system. The endlessness, crowdedness, and chaos shown in this one of the busiest spots in Beijing make the place a typical example of how people’s daily life and the urban space exert influence on each other. The key feature of Xi Zhi Men is a very complicated linear space – the transfer route, which is always packed. The emphasis of the drawing is on how to express the continuousness of a complicated space. By using sectional cutting with an “invisible knife”, the elements with different spatial relationship are cut apart to reveal the whole space. This does not only diminish the limit to express the space created by blocking, but also clearly reflects the relationship between the elements in the space. During the process of creating this drawing, the construction of a new metro line was completed and added to the transfer route of the existing system. Some part of the space shown in this finished drawing has disappeared. As unplanned, the recording on reality has become a recording on history.