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Located in the province of Victoria, Australia, Rainbow is a small town with continuous decrease of population. The key aim of the research is to suggest solutions for saving these disappearing small towns. After the study, my final answer was led to one word - homeland. In this remote small town with smaller and smaller population, urban public facilities will for sure decrease, but not necessarily disappear. They might be merged into a stronger and more dynamic carrier – family. Based on this idea, I made a scenario for a community in which modernized urban facilities are returned to families. All the families remaining in Rainbow are given some urban functions. For example, a kindergarten is built in a family who likes kids; a library is housed in a family who enjoys reading; a home theater is established in a movie fan’s house, and so on. The composition of Rainbow continues to construct a utopia, which is a traditional way for architects to be involved in urban issues. But I realized the limit of an architect’s contribution to the society. Making a drawing out of my research is not to emphasize on how to realize utopian ideas, but is to analyze and present the city’s unlimited possibilities.