Yan Yu Art Space
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Location: Hangzhou
Design: 2014
Construction: 2014
Constrution Area: 110 sqm
Design Team: Li Han, Hu Yan, Zhang Xintong, Tan Zhipeng

Founded by artist Fang Tianyuan at Liangzhu Culture Village in Hangzhou, Yan Yu Art Space is conceived as a multi-functional venue for art display, cultural events, and art product sale. As part of the commission, DAS also created an architectural drawing Festival Place for the area where the space is located. Through the means of cutting, inserting, and opening, the original square-formatted space is divided into a series of functional areas which are relatively independent but at the same time connected to each other. The mixed use of elements like ceilings, staircase, and walls creates a rich spatial experience combined with closure vs opening and low vs high. The first floor houses the entrance, gallery, and bar. The sliding doors on the two sides of the gallery enable the change of display layout according to different exhibition demands. A staircase is embedded inside a white box located at the entrance, leading the visitors to the meeting area on the second floor where they can overlook the whole gallery below. Under this floor, a storage room is designed for the artist to store artworks. The openings with various dimensions on the ceilings and walls visually connect the different functional areas, which provides the visitors with a continuous visual experience in the space.