Ri Shun Tea Factory
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Location: Ri Zhao
Design: 2013
Construction: 2013-2014
Construction Area: 1,452 sqm
Design Team: Li Han, Hu Yan

Ri Shun Tea Factory is located in the west mountain area of Ri Zhao City. The area is the largest green tea plantation of Shan Dong Province. The factory is close to a reservoir and surrounded by mountains. The project includes tea processing workshop, warehouse, tea tasting area, and guest rooms. The site is on a platform where people could overlook the whole plantation. The architecture comprises 2 long volumes with pointed roofs extending along the platform. The 2 volumes create changes of the contour by simple shift. A sunken courtyard is added between the volumes and brings natural lights and green plants to the basement and interiors. The design is a pursuit of simple and quiet countryside atmosphere and tries to use the local material and craftsmanship.