ORIGINALFRESH Kerry Parkside Shanghai
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Location: Shanghai
Design / Construction: 2017
Constrution Area: 54 sqm
Design Team: Li Han / Hu Yan / Zhang Xintong / Chen Pengyu
Photography: Wang Hongyue / Lu Wenhui

ORIGINALFRESH is a juice brand promoting health and freshness and has established its predominance in the business for its high standard on fruit selection and professional management. In all its branch shops, ORIGINALFRESH is always featured with an open layout to provide the customers with the transparency of juicing process. As an echo to ORIGINALFRESH’s advocacy of positive spirits of freshness, health, and pureness, Drawing Architecture Studio puts emphasis on the use of colors for the shop image. The bright and refreshing first impression is achieved by a clean white space ornamented with rose pink metal cover for the lowered ceiling over the back bar counter, pomona green walls of the storage room, and the same colored wall lamps. The tone of white also contains vivid colors. The front bar counter, pillars, floor and dado are all covered in white terrazzo with multi-colored particles. The inspiration comes from the raw materials of ORIGINALFRESH products - fresh fruits like pomegranate, pineapple, orange, blueberry, apple, and avocado. The bright red, yellow, blue, and green organic-shaped glass particles are randomly scattered in the white stone, just like fresh juice splashed during the juicing process. The solidness of the stone itself adds the quality of steadiness to the space while the colored glass particles lights it up, which brings a relaxing and joyful sensation to the space in general. The use of one single material highly integrates the small space as all the blocks seem to grow from the floor, which sets up a distinctive and clear shop image and draws the customers’ attention to ORIGINALFRESH’s fresh juice and professional production process.