Analogous City for Art
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Commissioned by Beijing Contemporary Art Fair 2019, Analogy City for Art is a panoramic narrative about the art production and exhibition space in Beijing. The work intercepts a slice of the city which is east to the East Third Ring Road and clearly reveals the hierarchy of the ecology of art in a seemingly complex urban space. The temples of art are located between the Third and Fourth Ring Roads where national power and capital have gained their spots in the landmark buildings. The area between the Fourth and Fifth Ring Roads belongs to the professional territories with galleries and art museums situated in the remains of industrial architecture. Outside the Fifth Ring Road is there a world for Individual artists who settle down in the urban villages and warehouses. From near and far in the space and from bottom to top in the image, the contradiction and ambiguity among the hierarchy take form.

The work is created with the engineering software AutoCAD. Parallel perspective is used to compress the depth and shrink the space. On one hand, oblique lines suggest the depth of the space in the diagonal direction. On the other hand, horizontal and vertical lines constantly emphasize the planarity. Two coordinates describe the forms and directions in the three-dimensional space and two-dimensional plane. They interweave, superimpose, correlate, interact, and form a complex urban entirety, which provokes the subject of Cubism.