Living Together
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Project Team Li Han / Hu Yan

Living Together is a terracotta mural DAS created for the Gan Keng Station of Line 10 of Shenzhen Metro. Taking the urban village of Shenzhen as the theme again, DAS focused in this piece on the rich tiling texture of the facades of buildings in the urban villages and explored another drawing technique: hatch. Drawing inspiration from Pointillism art, DAS divided large color blocks into “color dots” but each dots maintains its “clear line” outline and its own coloring is still flat. Being seen closely, the image looks as numerous abstract tiny swatches. Each swatch has a clear border but it is hard to tell the overall image. Being seen from a distance, the image of the urban village finally appears as the lines between the swatches become weakened and countless high saturated color dots create a series of “bright” greyish color tones.