798 @ HMSB
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Project Team Li Han / Hu Yan / Zhang Xintong / Chen Pengyu / Deng Lu / Qiu Xiaohan / Zhang Chen / Zhang Mao / Luo Sen / Hu Yue / Li Yunqing / Liu Liyuan / Zhao Chenzhang / Huang Tangzi / Ye Zichen

Commissioned by Hyundai, DAS created the large-scale panoramic mural 798 for Hyundai Motorstudio Beijing. Around 14.5 meters in width and 12.7 meters in height, the mural takes the 798 Art Zone as the representative to depict the status of today’s city in the context of information overload. The drawing is a narrative map: most architectural renderings in the panorama are based on actual prototypes at 798. The assemblages are shattered, fragmented and free-floating. Enormous power comes from the inherent vitality and energy of the city. Its shell is cracked and broken to reveal the exciting maze of life inside. 798 is an imaginary representation of the real world, a reconstruction of countless fragments of physical space and time, that constantly collide, align and rearrange.