Publication x Architecture: Luminous City Project
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During Beijing International Design Week from Sept. 26 to Oct. 10 2013, DAS participated with the newly released A Little Bit of Beijing in the Publication x Architecture: Luminous City Project exhibition held in the train gallery by the 751 Square. Luminous City is a new publication brand for architecture and urban study by Studio Archipelago of Tongji University Press, whose focuses include city, architecture, art and culture. The exhibition presented the contents from the latest publication by Luminous City and encourage the visitors to discuss the relation between architecture, city, design, publication, critics, literature, art, and society in China nowadays. The exhibition was comprised of several sections -- Sketches by Ma Qingyun, Yung Ho Chang: Picture Book x Architecture, Made in Shanghai x A Little Bit of Beijing, and Luminous City Library, and a series of lectures and salons.