Parallel Worlds · Creation & Derivation of Architectural Drawing
< 20/23 >

Organized by China Architectural Design Institute, the exhibition of Parallel Worlds • Creation & Derivation of Architectural Drawing by Drawing Architecture Studio was held at China Architectural Design Institute from July 20 to August 31.

To DAS, there are two small parallel worlds inside the big world of architecture. One is to build, where architecture exists as objects and its ultimate form is actual construction. Drawing and models are both tools serving to construction. The other one is to draw, where architecture performs as a culture incubator. Its goal is no longer to construct, but to be applied to cultural products in a broader range. In this world of drawing, what is attractive is the complexity, contradiction, chaos, and even absurdity of the city; the way how architecture is used or even mis-used; the trace of time, the atmosphere of site, and the mood of space. Instead of their common roles as design tools, she drawings and models are transformed into independent drawings, scupture, graphic novels, books, or art installations. Through all these formats, architecture is being represented, satirized, critisized, and even demonized.

The exhibition presented the world of drawing of DAS and showcased DAS' unconventional exploration in architectural drawing and models.

Photos: Wang Hongyue