New Book: Hutong Mushroom by Li Han and Jin Qiuye

As the first publication of Urban Studies Degree Zero Series, Hutong Mush is co-authored by Li Han and Jin Qiuye and is publised by China Architecture & Building Press. By collecting and presenting the architectural models and drawings by the students from the urban studies project led by the authors at Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, the book aims to discuss some alternative attitude and methods in urban studies. Click here for more information about this project.

DAS Creates Companion By The Fairies for the Opening of LA SU MIN SO LA by JNBY

Companion By The Fairies is a panorama created by DAS for LA SU MIN SO LA, a brand new designer boutique by Chinese fashion group JNBY. Click here for more information about this project.

ORIGINALFRESH The Grand Summit Beijing

By creating a huge mural to dominate the interior of ORIGINALFRESH The Grand Summit Beijing, DAS is able to explore the possibility of combining drawing and architecture in one design. Please click here to see more information.

DAS Creates Axonometric Panorama Under The Zhengyangmen for Ucommune

Under the Zhengyangmen is an axonometric panorama created by Drawing Architecture Studio (DAS) for the co-working brand Ucommune for its branch at Dajiang Hutong in Beijing. Taking the Qianmen area where Ucommune is located as the subject, DAS explores the application of inclining oblique projection, rotated explosion, and road network in the panorama and tries to reveal the representational power of architectural drawing that transcends the reality while recording it.  Click here for more information about this project.

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