Li Han and Hu Yan Joined a Talk for Blueprint Beijing

On March 18, 2023, Li Han and Hu Yan joined a live talk about the future of Beijing with architects Ma Yansong and Peter Cook, sharing the thoughts behind Restaurant Inside the Wall - DAS’ contribution to Blueprint Beijing, an exhibition curated by Ma Yansong for 2022 Beijing Biennial. The talk was moderated by Dezeen's editor-at-large Amy Frearson. Click here to watch the talk on Dezeen.

Li Han and Hu Yan Participated Symposium at Cornell University

On March 3, 2023, Li Han and Hu Yan participated in the Preston H. Thomas Memorial Symposium: FRINGE at Cornell University in Ithaca. Apart from keynote address and panel discussions, the symposium was also accompanied by an exhibition at Cornell Architecture in which DAS presented their Taobao Village – Smallacre City. Click here for more information about the symposium.

Li Han and Hu Yan Lectured at Syracuse Architecture

On Feb.16, 2023, Li Han and Hu Yan gave a lecture titled Extra Ordinary Views at Syracuse Architecture about DAS' new projects.

DAS x Syracuse Architecture - A Little Bit of Syracuse VC Studio

Starting from January 19, 2023, Li Han and Hu Yan led a Visiting Critics Studio at Syracuse University School of Architecture titled A Little Bit of Syracuse. 10 participating third-year undergraduate students would observe and represent the vernacular architecture in Syracuse with the media of architectural drawing and model.