DAS Released 8 Views of Shichahai

Invited by ArchiCreation, DAS created a drawing series called 8 Views of Shichahai. Heavily influenced by One Hundred Famous Views of Edo created by ukiyo-e master Utagawa Hiroshige,  the series depicts 8 views selected from the Shichahai area of Beijing. Click here for more images from the series.

GREYBOX COFFEE Chengdu Designed by DAS Opens in Chengdu

DAS created a bright and vivid grey box for GREYBOX COFFEE Chengdu. Please click here to see more information.

DAS Drawings Selected into Drawing Futures Book

Panoramas of Tuan Jie Hu and Dashilar and graphic novel Micro Yuan'er by DAS were selected into Drawing Futures book. Drawing Futures is a new international peer-reviewed conference on speculative drawing for art and architecture, founded by the Bartlett School of Architecture. The inaugural Drawing Futures Conference was held in November 2016 at  the Bartlett. The Drawing Futures book brings together 60 projects by architects and artists. The book forms a compendium of cutting-edge drawing practice and research. Published by UCL Press and Riverside Architectural Press, the book was released at the conference in November 2016. Please click here to visit Drawing Futures website.

New Release for Urbanized Landscape Series by DAS - Old Town of Xinchang

As the latest and largest addition to Urbanized Landscape Series by DAS, Old Town of Xinchang is an urban panorama released in 2016 in collabration with Shanghai AMJ Architecture & Planning Design Co., Ltd. Based on the redevelopment planning for Xinchang Town in Shanghai and its 3D model by AMJ, DAS completed a panoramic scroll to represent the contemporary scenes of this old town in South China. Please click here for more images from the panorama.