DAS Designed the Exhibition for Nine-Tiered Pagoda · Display and Replay at Pingshan Art Museum

Based on a concpet of "new ruins", DAS designed the exhibition for Display and Replay -  Li Qing Solo Exhibition, as one of the exhibition series Nine-Tiered Pagoda: Spatial and Visual Matic at Pingshan Art Museum. Click here for more information.

DAS Created No Man's Walk For Beijing Contemporary 2020

DAS created No Man's Walk, a piece of public art work at the 798 art district in Beijing for 2020 Beijing Contemporary Art Fair. Click here for more images.

DAS Created Large Mural Living Together for Shenzhen Metro

In the large mural of Living Together created for Shenzhen Metro, DAS explored the use of tiling patterns with terracotta tiles.Click here for more images.

Beijing Landscape by DAS Exhibited at Roca Beijing Gallery

As the first exhibition for Roca City Reflection Initiative, Beijing Landscape by DAS was presented at Roca Beijing Gallery. Click here for more images.