Diamond Village Included in Collection of Pingshan Art Museum

Diamond Village, a drawing installation created by DAS has been acquired by Pingshan Art Museum in Shenzhen. Diamond Village is a piece DAS created for Unknown City: China Contemporary Architecture and Image Exhibition, the opening exhibition of Pingshan Art Museum in 2019. For this installation, DAS used for the first time the technique of lenticular print to integrate 3 axonometric panoramas into one image and as the viewers move in front of the installation, they will experience a unique visual effect in which the fragments of the images overlap and transit. 

Li Han Participated in NEXT Exhibition with Apartments of Hao

Li Han participated in 2019 NEXT Young Architects Exhibition organized by Architecture School of Tianjin University and UED Magazine with his project Apartments of Hao. Click here for more images.

DAS Created Art Installation Pack the Suitcase · Unfold the City for RIMOWA

DAS created an art installation Pack the Suitcase · Unfold the City for the renowned suitcase label RIMOWA for its brand exhibition Beyond the City. It is another experiment by DAS to integrate architectural drawing with space design. Click here for more images.

DAS Completed Renovation for Party School of Chengdu Chenghua District Committee of C.P.C.

Through the creation and application of images, DAS completed a "light" renovation for Chenghua Party School in Chengdu. Click here for more images.